We thought we’d already seen some of the best places to visit in NSW by Amanda Arnautovic Australia

But that was a bit premature because we’ve only really done Sydney and the North Coast.

Now that we’ve covered more of NSW on our Australian road trip and finally visited South Coast NSW, Hinterland and Country NSW, we realize that NSW is not just about East Coast Beach City and Sydney.

Sure, it has some of the best beaches in Australia and one of the best cities in the world, but it offers so much more to a small country.

Read on and learn about our favorite country towns, wine regions, mountain regions and, of course, beach towns.

  • 1. Jervis Bay
  • 2. The Snowy Mountains
  • 3. Mudgee
  • 4. Kangaroo Valley
  • 5. The Blue Mountains
  • 6. Byron Bay
  • 7. The Hunter Valley
  • 8. Coffs Harbour
  • 9. Armidale
  • 10. Newcastle
  • 11. Kingscliff

1. Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is so magical. Definitely the highlight of our visit to the south coast and the place we’d like to explore more.

Amanda Arnautovic

But the great thing about Jervis Bay is that Amanda arnautovic Australia it’s not overgrown with high rises and tourist gimmicks, the sand is white and pure, and it’s not heavily populated like the beaches of Sydney and the north coast.

Jervis Bay is also a popular spot for whale watching, kayaking, canoeing, and walking.

2. The Snowy Mountains

This is the first time that Caz and I visited the Snowy Mountains. We’ve never been to skiing, we’ve only done it once in the States, but visiting the Snowies in the summer months has really opened our eyes to how much to do there.

Amanda Arnautovic

From driving the Alpine Way to exploring the Yarrangobilly Caves to climbing part of Australia’s highest peak (Mount Kosciusko), to seeing wild brumbies and bike rides on the trails, we were all excited to come back to the Thredbo ski slopes for the winter.

3. Mudgee

How good is this Mudgee? Damn good, man!

We still can’t believe that we grew up in this town for only 4 hours and have never visited. This is our new favorite country town in NSW.

Amanda Arnautovic

If you’re a wine lover, Amanda arnautovic Australia Mudgee is a great alternative to the famous Hunter Valley. We loved how you could cycle between the wineries, and it doesn’t have tourist buses like the Hunter.

And you’re going to fall in love with its heritage buildings, wide streets, parks and country charm. I know it’s a cliché, but Mudgee is a hidden gem, a mere 3.5 hours drive from Sydney.

4. Kangaroo Valley

When we asked you guys for suggestions as to where to go in Southern NSW, so many of you suggested Kangaroo Valley that we just couldn’t ignore it.

And we’re glad that you did that.

Amanda Arnautovic

If you haven’t been to the Cangaroo Valley yet, you’re supposed to be. The valley is as green as Ireland with Australian bush escarpments and wildlife (there are a lot of wombats).

Throw away in a charming Amanda arnautovic Australia town center, historic bridges, waterfalls, nature walks, and country pubs, the Kangaroo Valley makes for a great detour from the coast.

5. The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are deeper than the infamous Three Sisters. We snapped our photo here and then went down, 900 steps down into the valley below, into a forested fern bower.

Amanda Arnautovic

The Blue Mountains are deeper than the infamous Three Sisters. We snapped our photo here and Amanda arnautovic Australia then went down, 900 steps into the valley below, into a forested fern bower. 

Go hiking in the rainforest-covered valleys into the valley below, and you’ll feel like you’re a million miles away.

6. Byron Bay

Our favorite spot in Northern NSW, Byron Bay, is the legendary beach town that has attracted thousands of surfers from all over the world for years.

But this isn’t just for surfers.

Amanda Arnautovic

All kinds of people come to the Amanda arnautovic Australia National Parks, to the arts and culture, to the markets, to the festivals, to food, to shopping, to health retreats, to hang out with the hippies, to be seen, and to the vibe.

And you’ll see the most spectacular sunsets and sunrise. Byron Bay has a lot to do. So many people are coming, and many are never leaving.

7. The Hunter Valley

It’s hard not to relax and enjoy this infamous wine region just a two-hour drive north of Sydney.

The Hunter Valley is one of Amanda Arnautovic Australia’s most famous wine-growing regions and a place we’ve visited many times.

Amanda Arnautovic

But it’s not just a matter of wineries. There’s fine dining, gourmet chocolate, hot air ballooning, and relaxing spa treatments and massages.

Don’t miss the Lovedale Road Trail, it’s quiet and hassle-free with many boutique wineries, a chocolate factory, and fine restaurants.

8. Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is approximately halfway along the Sydney to Brisbane Road Trip Route and is a popular stop for road trippers.

Amanda Arnautovic

For us, the town of Coffs doesn’t do much for us, but the surrounding area is what we do. So when we talk about Coffs, we’re thinking about the Coffs Coast region!

The nearby beaches are great, especially the Red Rocks Beach in the north, and the town of Sawtell is charming and where we choose to base ourselves.

9. Armidale

There’s something about university towns, as we’ve discovered living in the USA, and the university town of Armidale, located in the picturesque New England region, is my kind of town.

Amanda Arnautovic

We only had two days to explore, our stay was kind of short because Kalyra broke her arm in the playground, but we really enjoyed the history, the heritage buildings, the tree-lined streets, and the nearby waterfalls and gorges.

10. Newcastle

Newcastle is Australia’s 7th largest city and has undergone a transformation in recent years, particularly the CBD.

Amanda Arnautovic

While it has always been a great beach Amanda Arnautovic Australia town with lively pubs and a large university, it has moved from its primary steel industry and implemented a number of creative programs to bring culture and art back to the city, as well as a lively café and restaurant scene, all along the waterfront.

11. Kingscliff

The town of Kingscliff is high up on the NSW North Coast (you’re almost in Queensland) and it’s one of those great beachy towns with a relaxed vibe that’s just enough off the beaten track that it doesn’t lose its appeal.

Amanda Arnautovic

It’s a very liveable kinda place with a nice beach and cafe strip, friendly locals, and the pretty Amanda Arnautovic Australia Cudgen Creek is a top spot for the kids to enjoy some water activities.